Dr Fabien Medvecky


Email fabien.medvecky@otago.ac.nz
Tel 64 3 4797848
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I care about value. I’m especially interested in ethical and economics values; how we talk about them and include them in our scientific discourse. The reason I like values so much is because values play a key role in how we make decisions. My research sits at the intersection between science communication, science policy, economic theory and ethical theory. My work focuses on the tension between the objective aims of science and the value-driven reality of decision making, most notably by concentrating on ethical and economic issues related to science and the environment. Specifically, I have worked considerably on controversial and contested issues such as the ethics and economics of climate change, ecological funding decisions and science policy.

Before taking up my post here, I was in the Science Communication Program at the University of Queensland, Australia. I came to New Zealand armed with a PhD in philosophy of science from the University of Sydney and a post graduate degree in economics from Murdoch University. I have published on ethics, economics, ecology, and science communication and policy and I am the sitting president of the Science Communicators’ Association of New Zealand.

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