Professor Professor Nancy Longnecker

Professor of Science Communication

Tel 64 3 479 7885
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Prior to joining the Centre for Science Communication, Nancy developed and delivered the science communication undergraduate and graduate programs at the University of Western Australia, 2002 - 2014.
Nancy was a professional science communicator with a cooperative research centre and an agricultural research scientist before becoming a science communication academic. She notes, “The early part of my career in agricultural research provided perspective that has been important to my development as a professional science communicator and as a science communication academic.”
Nancy’s research looks at factors that affect people’s attitudes towards science-related issues. “It is fascinating to find out what people really think about science and what they want. Our studies have involved a spectrum – people who are or want to become scientists, people who volunteer to work with scientists, people who want to know more about science and people who have no apparent interest in science at all. Ultimately, our aim is to improve relevance and usability of scientific information as well as effectiveness of science outreach and engagement,” she says.

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