Sue Harvey

Centre Manager

Tel 64 3 479 7939
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Sue joined the team at the Centre for Science Communication in May 2009, bringing to the Centre a huge range of administrative experience.

Her first position (in 1981) was as the Office Junior in a local law firm, Farry & Co (which included being the tea lady and the cleaner) through to the Senior Position including managing the Trust and Business Accounts and seeing clients as a Legal Executive. She continued to work at Farry & Co until the birth of her second child. She took this opportunity to run a successful small business selling childrens clothing from home and undertook various short term administrative jobs. In 1994 she was employed by the Cancer Genetics Laboratory in the Biochemistry Department at the University of Otago. There she was the Administrative & Computer Support person for what was, at that time the largest laboratory of its type on this side of the world. She learned to write html and designed, wrote and launched the Cancer Genetics Laboratory website. She was the manager of an online database
A publication from this was: Morison IM, Paton CJ, Cleverley SD.(Cleverley was her previous name)
The imprinted gene and parent-of-origin effect database. Nucleic Acids Research 2001;29:275-276.
She was also acknowledged in many thesis’ over this time and in publications such as: Human Molecular Genetics 1998, 7, 1599-1609, Morison & Reeve & Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 2000, 57, 589-603, Guilford

Now as the Centre for Science Communication Manager her days are happily spent assisting students with their course administrative issues whilst fitting in the more mundane tasks like assisting the Director and the academic staff and managing the Centre finances. She still cleans and makes the coffee…pretty good coffee too I say.

Her life outside of the Centre is a chaotic conglomeration of family life and business. Her roles extend to Mother of 3, Wife, Managing Director of Hoof’n It Ltd, Animal Minder and recently retired Basketball team manager. Her energy comes from seeing anything she's involved in function well, her passion is to create or be part of places where caring and a sense of belonging comes first.
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