Distinguished Communicators
One of the first initiatives of the Centre was the establishment of a prestigious public lecture series designed to exemplify the best in communication. The Centre was officially opened at the first of these lectures given by Professor Sir Paul Callaghan on 21 February to a packed St David Lecture Theatre. Other lectures were given by: Finlay MacDonald (columnist and ex-editor of the Listener), Nicky Hager (investigative journalist), Professor Mike Colombo (psychologist and winner of many university teaching accolades), Kim Hill (radio broadcaster), Robyn Williams (host of Australia’s number one podcast on science for the ABC), and Associate Professor Allan Blackman (chemist).
The Centre for Science Communication presents Jane Goodall

At just 26, with her mother’s encouragement and under the direction of famous fossil hunter, Louis Leakey, Jane entered the forest in Africa for the first time, and started her patient, courageous, decades-long quest to understand our nearest relatives, the chimpanzees. She knows them by name, speaks their language, and grieves for them as for her own family, as their habitat disappears.  Now she provides a research centre and much-needed sanctuary for them at Gombe, Tanzania.

Hear the world’s most famous field scientist talk about her life’s work and why she has reasons for hope.  

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