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SCOM 470: Literature Review and Pilot Film


Students taking the diploma share papers and classes in common with the masters students. However, where the masters students do SCOM 495 as their thesis preparation (which involves a literature review and development of an extensive proposal and shooting script for their 25-minute films), we need to have a modified version of that paper for the diploma students. In essence SCOM 470 is a modified SCOM 495, whereby the diploma students do a literature review, a proposal for a 10-minute film, and produce the 10-minute film.


As for SCOM 495, in that the students learn the basis of:
  • Doing a literature review in an area relevant to their thesis
  • Writing a proposal for their film
  • Writing a shooting script
  • Making a 10-minute film on some aspect of science and/or natural history.

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