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SCOM 408: Critical & Creative Thinking in Science Communication


SCOM408 is a seminar-based paper in which we examine our assumptions of what science is (or isn't). We explore expectations of modern science (by different people, cultures etc), and debunk the myth of science as separate from society. We combine a philosophical approach for understanding science in contemporary and historical contexts, with a practical approach for critical and creative thinking in communicating science. Throughout, we use an integrative multi-disciplinary approach to devise and test creative ways for actively engaging society and science. The underlying premise? A deeper understanding of science and its drivers gives us greater power for clarity, creativity, and effectiveness in science communication.


  • Understand the historical drivers of how we view science, and our contemporary expectations of science.
    • Understand the labile nature of science, and its relationship with society.
    • Develop the ability and confidence to question and critique scientific concepts and societal paradigms (and to source stories there-in).
    • Develop the awareness of common drivers between science and the humanities and the value of an integrated approach.
    • Gain better understanding of the modes and broad-reaching applications of science communication.
    • Develop your communication skills through critical and creative thinking and practice (doing!).


Available ONLY to students enrolled in a Master of Science Communication (MSciComm)

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