Sofia Otero

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I live in Santiago, Chile.
As soon as I came back to Chile after I finished my masters I got a job as the outreach officer of a research centre on geothermal energy at the Universidad de Chile (the biggest Uni in this country). I've been working here for a year and a half now at the Andean Geothermal Centre of Excellence, in charge of the press, public relations and educational program for the community. I am the only journalist-science communicator here, and sometimes it is hard to involve some geologists in communicating their research as there is still some cultural resistance to do so. That's the tough part. The rest of it is very rewarding. I have the chance to work very independently, creatively, developing new ideas and activities in order to promote geothermal energy in Chile. Can you believe we've got the greatest geothermal potential of South America and still we are not producing one single watt of energy out of it? Jeez.

Having a MA helped me a lot in my country. Science Communication is not something you can study in Chile at any level (under or post grad). That is why I got a scholarship from my government to study at Otago. There are very few journalists specialized in science here, so having a degree in this area is really helpful. It is highly valued by the community. Spending two years at the Centre for Science Communication helped me to change my perspective on how to communicate science and encouraged me to take a more creative approach to doing so.

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