John Kerr

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After completing the MSciComm (Creative Non-Fiction Writing; 2009-10), I moved to Wellington at the beginning 2011 to work in my current job as a Media Advisor at the Science Media Centre . Here, I work as part of a small team helping New Zealand journalists cover science and technology issues. I love the job and enjoy the challenge of tackling something completely different every day.

The MSciComm degree taught me the core skills I use day-to-day in my work: taking jargon-heavy and complex scientific information, and translating it into an accurate yet simple - and engaging - story for the public.  Experience in interviewing scientists, pitching stories and employing different writing styles has also been indispensable in my current position.


The Science Media Centre
(I write a lot of the web content for the site)

Peer-reviewed publication resulting from my thesis

Example of a semi-regular radio slot (Dear Science on bFM),203832,
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