Jinty MacTavish

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I am back in Dunedin! I spent a year and a bit working for Enviroschools (national team, then regional team), helping establish the ReGeneration network, amongst other things.
I've volunteered a bunch with 350 Aotearoa, especially during its early phase here in New Zealand, coordinating the 350 Schools campaign in 2009.
I ran for the Dunedin City Council, and am currently working fulltime as a Dunedin City Councillor. As part of that role I'm participating in the trial phase of a global ICLEI programme focused on connecting young elected members interested in sustainability.
I learnt a lot about how to spread a message in ways that make people want to be involved - a lot about the power of a positive, anthropocentric story. This has helped me in both of my roles since completing my studies, as both my work at Enviroschools and my current role as a councillor involve ensuring science is translated into action in the "real world". Action relies on engaged, motivated, empowered people, and for people to feel this way they need to understand why they're doing something, know what they're doing is making a difference, and appreciate that what they're doing is recognised and celebrated by others.  Which is ultimately about ensuring stories are told, and told well.

Email - jintymactavish@gmail.com or jmactavi@dcc.govt.nz
Phone - 0212319197 or via the DCC on 4774000
Facebook - www.facebook.com/crjintymactavish

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