PhD in Science Communication

The PhD programme of the Centre for Science Communication provides supervision and support for students undertaking original research into an area of science communication. Typically, the PhD is a three-year programme of study. There is no formal coursework associated with the programme. 

Applications for PhD study may be received at
any time. Before applying, you should make enquiries with staff members to determine an appropriate supervisor. A staff member must agree to supervise your project before you can apply to the PhD programme.

For further information, contact
Jenny Rock who is the Centre's PhD programme coordinator.

*Note: International Students pay Domestic Fees for PhD enrolments (currently only $6,636 NZD per year). In addition, both domestic and international students are eligible to apply for a competitive University of Otago Doctoral Scholarship.
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Erika Szymanski

is one of our PhD students. She comes from Washington State in the USA and is doing her doctoral thesis on science communication associated with wine and winemaking. As she writes:
Wine science is fun: it’s wine! It’s also complicated, with a double-handful of scientific disciplines from microbiology and chemistry to geology and meteorology having something to say about the making of your favorite Pinot Noir or Chardonnay.
Erika Szymanski
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